The Seagull Environmental Planning firm has over two decades experience in planning, developing, and monitoring advanced waste treatment systems including material recovery facilities and sanitary landfills.

Beyond the bottom line of profit, we at Seagull Environmental Planning are ideologically driven. We see the importance in sustainable development and draw inspiration from the concept of "cradle to cradle" as we strive to "nudge" the economy towards circularity and servicizing.

 We serve a wide range of clients; including numerous cities, towns, and rural communities, governmental offices and private sector entrepreneurs.

The company employs 3 environmental planners with expertise in the field of waste and resource management and also maintains excellent cooperative relations with consultants in different sub-specialties in the waste management field, which may be consulted as required.


The company has a broad range of expertise in the field of solid waste management, including:

  • Development of advanced waste treatment, WTE and recycling technologies.
  • Environmental assessments of landfills and waste treatment facilities.
  • Planning of national, regional and municipal waste treatment systems and master plans.
  • Accompanying ongoing operations and management of waste treatment systems.
  • Specialization in waste classification studies – including physical surveys and mass balance analyses. Within this, the complete planning and execution of the past two Israeli national waste surveys.
  • Capacity building measures in local communities for sustainable waste management.


Avi Novik holds a B.A. degree from Ben-Gurion University in the combined disciplines of physical geography – geomorphology, ecology, biology and chemistry. He is an environmental planner and a world renowned expert in solid waste treatment. Since 1984, he has accumulated a comprehensive experience in sanitation, containment, collection and treatment of solid waste and environmental planning in the urban and rural sectors. He devoted ten years to work in the public service, inter alia, in the preliminary stages of establishing the Ministry of the Environment. In recent years, he has been involved in promoting advanced technologies for waste treatment, with a focus on waste to energy – anaerobic digestion of organic components and thermal treatment of dry components.


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Shahaf Environmental Planning Ltd

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